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Consiliul Național pentru Determinarea Dizabilității
și Capacității de Muncă



Voinicel Center of Early Intervention 

is a non governmental, public, non profit, non political organization, built on the free will of associated members

The major goals:                               

  • Prevention of the institutionalization of children with special needs
  • Support of the children with special needs in harmonious development of his/her own individual potential
  • Promotion of social inclusion of children with disabilities and their families

Voinicel Center of Early Intervention was created in 2003 by the support of AHEAD-Moldova from Norway. With the help of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs from Norway, a building for the center was bought in 2004.

Voinicel is offering early intervention services for around 150 children with disabilities and their families per year. During the last 9 years of activities the numbers of beneficiary children exceeds 1200.  The number of consultations per year is around 1300-1500.

Moldova is a former Soviet republic and has been an independent country since 1991. According to the World Bank it is the poorest country in Europe by its low GNP (gross national product). Moldova is still rich in culture and hospitality.

News and events
A very important meeting at the VOINICEL Center On June 30, 2015 at CIP "Voinicel" held meeting on "Progress and Prospects of implementation of medical and social services in Early Childhood Intervention in Moldova"
Voinicel team is grateful to our Norwegian friends – AHEAD Moldova and especially to the new board member, who is also a medical doctor and very high level professional in the disability domain.
EACD Conference,Copenhagen 2015. Thanks to AHEAD Moldova we have the chance to be a part of this major scientific event!
More from News and events

An important meeting at the Voinicel Center
Doctor Lauritz Stoltenberg-our new friend from AHEAD-Moldova, Norway.
EACD Conference

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