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General Information

 The Centre of Early Intervention “Voinicel” was created in 2003 by the support of AHEAD-Moldova from Norway with the following goal: to help parents to raise a child with special needs in the family environment, providing practical help, especially to children with special needs and their families, establishing contacts with the similar foreign organizations.

In 2004, with the help of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs from Norway, we bought this building which is situated on the Eminescu str., 23/5. At the very beginning the activities were started in the building of one of the kinder gardens, Botanica district, Chisinau. After that, thankful to Janivo and Cordaid organizations the centre was equipped and, through the collaboration with other medical institutions, was established the system of children reference to the Centre of Early Intervention “Voinicel”.

In 2005 - 2006 in cooperation with Medical State University and Medical Colleges from Moldova was completed the curricula for the students with the topics “Children with disabilities, Early Intervention”.

During last 6 years of activities the number of beneficiaries children outrun 700. Nowadays we are offering early intervention services for around 130 children with intellectual disabilities and their families. (Most of our children are with Down Syndrome, CP, rare genetically diseases, Prader Willi Syndrome, Williams Syndrome, severe Epilepsy, Hydrocephalus, severe encephalopathy, prenatal infections, autism, children born with severe prematurely, etc).During last 5 years of activities the “Voinicel” team has published 6 books: (“Children with disabilities. Early intervention” for family physicians and medical students, one book “Services of Early intervention” - for professional working in the field or planning to work with children with disabilities, one book for parents “Early intervention - frequent asked question, evidence based answers”. In 2009 we published a new book “Actualities in evaluation and management of children with developmental problems” for medical and social professionals).

The last 3 years CEI Voinicel are supported financially by Soros Foundation and Mental Health Initiative Open Society Institute from Hungary in offering services of good practice in Early intervention and in promoting Early intervention on the national level, coaching parents, formation new team of early intervention in different regions of Moldova. Other sponsors: AHEAD-Moldova from Norway, Association for Social Assistance and Charity “ACASA” from Moldova (Caritas project 2008 – Promoting Standard methods of Child evaluation and International Classification of Functioning, Disability and Health - ICF CY, OMS, 2006, SOIR (Swedish Organization for Individual Relief ) -capacity building in Early Intervention in the South part of Moldova (Comrat and Taraclia regions with 8 villages). Starting with 2012 the number of the donors of the Voinicel center was increased. A private organization is providing finance in order to support the services that the children with disabilities need. In 2013 AHEAD Moldova (  and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs , Norway acquired a new building for the Voinicel Center, a building that is covering all the necessities of the center and its beneficiaries. In 2014 the East European Foundation also started to provide finance for services. In 2015 SOIR-Moldova organization-  Development of the Early Intervention Servicies at the national level.

First page  »  About us  »  General Information

An important meeting at the Voinicel Center
Doctor Lauritz Stoltenberg-our new friend from AHEAD-Moldova, Norway.
EACD Conference

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