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Consiliul Național pentru Determinarea Dizabilității
și Capacității de Muncă

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General Information

The Centre of Early Childhood Intervention “Voinicel” is a non-profit, non-governmental, apolitical civil society organization, established by the associates by a freely given indication of their wishes, which has the MISSION to contribute to a harmonious development of the child and to improve the quality of family life by providing the Early Childhood Intervention services of a high quality.


  • Offering services of good practices of Early Childhood Intervention for a child aged between 0 and 3 years old with developmental disorders and with an increased risk of developmental disorders, as well as to his family.
  • Participating actively in the development of the State Early Childhood Intervention system via activities of the specialists’ professional training and exchange of experience
  • Increasing the level of awareness and consciousness in society in order to facilitate the social inclusion of disabled people; positive change of the society’s attitudes and eliminating discrimination.
  • Promoting the rights of disabled children,
  • Preventing the abandonment and institutionalization of the children with special needs


First page  »  About us  »  General Information

An important meeting at the Voinicel Center
Doctor Lauritz Stoltenberg-our new friend from AHEAD-Moldova, Norway.
EACD Conference

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