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Consiliul Național pentru Determinarea Dizabilității
și Capacității de Muncă

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Short History

Early Intervention Center "Voinicel" is a public, non profit, non governmental, apolitical organization, created by free expression of will of associated people, which was created in 2003 with the support AHEAD - Moldova in Norway the following purpose: helping parents to keep children with special needs in the family; providing practical help children with special needs and their families; establishing contacts with similar organizations abroad.

In 2004, with support of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Norway, the building for the center was purchased  Chisinau, str. Eminescu 23/5. Along with the support Janivo, Cordaid and other organizations the center was equipped.

Currently, CIP "Voinicel" successfully granted early intervention services for children with special needs and their families, but also actively participates in promoting early intervention at the national level.

In 2013 CIP "Voinicel" has acquired a new building (at Drumul Taberei str. 2, Chisinau, MD-2008), thanks to the support provided by the Norwegian Ministry of Foreign Affairs through the direct efforts of the Norwegian organization AHEAD- Moldova. The Centre has increased the capacity of functional spaces and improved conditions of provided services .

Nowadays "Voinicel" provides early intervention services for about 150 children and their families . Over the last 9 years of activity about 1200 families benefited from the Center's services.

The number of annual consultations is about 1200-1500.

First page  »  About us  »  Short History

An important meeting at the Voinicel Center
Doctor Lauritz Stoltenberg-our new friend from AHEAD-Moldova, Norway.
EACD Conference

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