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Consiliul Național pentru Determinarea Dizabilității
și Capacității de Muncă

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Our team
  1. Daniela BORDEIANU, Executive Director
  2. Ala COJOCARU, Pediatrician, PhD, Associate professor, Program Coordinator „Early Childhood Intervention” 
  3. Ivan PUIU, Pediatrician, Nutritionist, PhD, Associate professor, Program Coordinator „Developing of the ECI National System”
  4. Elizabet CONISESCU, Chief accountant
  5. Mariana JALBA, Neurologist-pediatrician
  6. Marina CALAC, Pediatrician (social pediatrician)
  7. Ludmila PANCRATOV, Pediatrician; specialist in kinesis therapy, equipment specialist for children with physical disabilities
  8. Ecaterina GINCOTA, Medical doctor, PhD student, master degree student in management, Specialist in kinesis therapy, splinting
  9. Ala BENDERSCHI, Specialist in early stimulation of child communication
  10. Sergiu TOMA, Psychologist, PhD in psychological sciences
  11. Patricia DABIJA, Ergotherapist, Master of Science in Education
  12. Daniela CARP, Specialist in kinesis therapy, Master in Kinesitherapeutic Recovery Technologies
  13. Angela  MIHALUTA, Kinesis therapist,
  14. Igor SPALATU, IT Engineer
  15. Nina CATANA, Receptionist
  16. Liuba COPOT, Cleaning woman

First page  »  About us  »  Our team

An important meeting at the Voinicel Center
Doctor Lauritz Stoltenberg-our new friend from AHEAD-Moldova, Norway.
EACD Conference

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