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Consiliul Național pentru Determinarea Dizabilității
și Capacității de Muncă

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Organization’s achievements up to the moment
  • Annually, the Centre offers approximately 1,500 assessments for the families with children  aged between 0 and 3 years old having developmental disorders or children with an increased risk of developmental disorders on the whole territory of the Republic
  • Approximately 200 families benefit annually from systemic Early Intervention Programmes, that include assessment services in the transdisciplinary team, evaluation of the child’s development, evaluation of the family, individual sessions, sessions in the rehabilitation group
  • The experts from the Centre participated actively in elaborating the Legal Framework for the implementation of the ECI service at the national level; for the first time, the organization received the State financing for the provided services.
  • 13 guidelines dedicated to the disabled child and the ECI, including a course support in the ECI (2,000 copies), were published.  Most of them were distributed to family doctors, pediatricians and professionals from the centres of rehabilitation of children with special needs from the Republic.
  • The Centre is a partner of the Ministry of Health, Labour and Social Protection in developing the ECI services at the national level.  Within the implemented projects, the Centre  represented a single training base for the specialists from the Republic in the ECI domain: transdisciplinary teams from 21 districts benefited from the Course of Initiation in Early Childhood Intervention; at the second stage the specialists deepen their knowledge in the methods of assessing the child’s development and the rehabilitation methods in the ECI,  participating in theoretic-practical courses one-to-one with the experts from the Centre “Voinicel”. Another cycle of trainings (17 trainings) had the subject “Early Diagnostics of Developmental Disorders in Childhood”, including autistic spectrum disorders. Approximately 540 primary medical care specialists from all of the municipal Territorial Medical Associations and from 10 districts from the Republic were involved in this training. The numerous supervision visits in the districts of the country, performed systematically by the “Voinicel” team, contribute to adapting the existing medico-social services to the organization of the ECI system.
  • The experts from the Centre were invited to Bistrita Nasaud, Romania, where they trained specialists from different domains, contributing to the development of an ECI Centre, based upon the “Voinicel” model.
  • For the first time in the Republic of Moldova,  the experts from the Centre initiated scientific researches in the ECI  domain;  the results of these researches were implemented in practice and contributed to improving the quality of the provided services (Mr. Ivan Puiu’s PhD study - “Elaborating the  model of  providing the Early Intervention Services to disabled children in the Republic of Moldova”, 2008;  Study of the family quality of life by applying a standardized tool - Family Quality of Life Scale (FQL Scale), Ala Cojocaru,  2016- 2018; Evaluation of home developmental environment of the child by applying a standardized tool –  The Home Observation for Measurement of the Environment (HOME) Inventory for Infant / Toddler (0-3 years), Silvia Breabin, Patricia Dabija, 2016-2018; Study of interactions between parents and children and their influence upon the development of the child by applying a standardized tool – The Parenting Interactions with Children Checklist of Observations Linked to Outcomes (PICCOLO), Mariana Jalba, 2016-2018; Initial study of the clinical utility of the Toddler Module of ADOS-2, Marina Calac, 2016-2018; Study of evaluating the  impact of excessive exposure to technology upon children's early development, initiated in June, 2018 by the team of experts – Marina Calac, Ivan Puiu, Ala Cojocaru, Patricia Dabija, Mariana Jalba.  

First page  »  About us  »  Organization’s achievements up to the moment

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